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Scott Smith

Vice President- Law Enforcement

Scott was born in Denver, CO, and has been a resident of Colorado his entire life.  Scott currently works for the Colorado Department of Corrections, Office of the Inspector General, and serves as the Deputy Inspector General.

Scott has worked in the law enforcement field for 27 years and has been a patrol officer, a crime scene investigator, a field training officer, a parole officer, an investigator, a polygraph examiner, and an administrator.

Scott served in the Army Reserves as an infantryman and in the regular Army as an electronic warfare signals intelligence voice interceptor.  He was stationed in California, Texas, Korea, and Washington, and attained the rank of sergeant (E5) prior to his honorable discharge.

Scott received a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Denver, and is licensed to practice law in Colorado.  Scott was trained at the Backster School of Lie Detection and has been a polygraph examiner for 10 years.  He lives in Castle Rock, Colorado. 


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