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Cape May 2024 Training Documents

Hi All,

As we are still working on the website, I wanted to post the documents here so you can have access to them. Please be careful when sharing these. Mark entrusted these documents to us!

[03012024] Professional Development Committee SOP
Download PDF • 144KB

APA Standard for Polygraph Instrumentation approved 2023Aug25
Download PDF • 100KB

APA STANDARDS OF PRACTICE red line effective 2 MAR 2024
Download DOCX • 28KB

CAPE 2024 selected recent research
Download PPTX • 14.39MB

Download PDF • 125KB

Position statement on validation 2024Feb19
Download DOCX • 25KB

Download PDF • 121KB

TAKE Money TTS script for LX CAT 10.7.23
Download DOCX • 21KB

TX DPS automated DLT script clean
Download DOCX • 77KB

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Document Section

Hi everyone, I apologize for the delay with the document section. I'm currently addressing some issues and hope to have it fixed soon. Thank you for your patience!


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