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May 10th, 2024 Training & Membership Meeting

Course will be taught by Mark Handler


Free for Members- USE CODE: CAPEMEMBER / Non-Members $50

About the Course

This training will include the following; The recent discussions and developments in the field of instrumentation and polygraph examinations cover a range of important topics. Among these are the introduction of a new standard for instrumentation, aimed at enhancing the accuracy and reliability of measurement devices used in such examinations. Additionally, the adoption of the APA model policy for algorithm use and evidentiary polygraph examinations signifies a concerted effort to establish standardized procedures and guidelines for the application of algorithms in these contexts. Furthermore, the establishment of the APA standard for automated PDD test data analysis algorithm is a significant step towards ensuring consistency and transparency in the analysis of polygraph data. Proposed updates to the APA standards of practice recording exams reflect ongoing efforts to adapt to evolving practices and technologies in the field. A recently issued position statement addresses the critical issue of validation, providing clarity on the evaluation of polygraph techniques, methods, technologies, and hypotheses. Discussions also involve considerations for updating the APA model policy for quality assurance, ensuring that rigorous standards are maintained across the board. Additionally, changes related to membership without a degree are being deliberated, reflecting a broader discussion on inclusivity and qualifications within the profession. The recent adoption of the EDA standard further underscores the commitment to establishing clear and standardized protocols. Finally, a comprehensive review of recently published meta-analysis on the CQT sheds light on the current understanding and debates surrounding this widely used polygraph technique.

Hotel lodging if needed:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites 17140 W Colfax Ave Golden CO 80401, 303-278-2388 daily rate $110.00, or Hampton Inn Denver West, 17150 W Colfax Ave, Golden, CO 80401, 303-278-6600 daily rate $105.00

Your Instructor

Mark Handler

Mark Handler

Mark Handler is an experienced police examiner and polygraph researcher who helped develop the Objective Scoring System, version 3 and the Empirical Scoring System. His email address is

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